An Interview with Rochelle Leigh | Owner of Extress Beauty Enterprises and WeaveChic'


Article By Candace Peters

I recently discovered Rochelle while searching the internet for hair extension experts. It became clear that she was a master of hair weaving in the Raleigh North Carolina area. Her resume boasts accomplishments like: starting her own line of exclusive virgin hair extensions (ExtressHair) and launching her website WEAVECHIC.COM as a luxury brand. I just knew I had to interview her.


Candace: I am very excited to interview you today!

Rochelle: Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I am excited to be interviewed. 


Candace: How long have you been a licensed stylist ?

Rochelle: I have been a licensed stylist for 10 years. I have always loved the beauty industry and knew from a very young age that this would be my career.



Candace: Awesome! What inspired you to name your website/brand Weave Chic'?

Rochelle: I chose the name to change the negative connotation on the term "weave". I wanted to show the public through my work that weaves can be natural in appearance, not tacky. The term Chic envokes an air of sophistication and glamour. Through my work, I strive to give my clients hairstyles that change stereotypes.



Candace: Where are you located?

Rochelle: I am located in the North Raleigh area.


Candace: How can a potential client experience a Chic' Weave?

Rochelle: I prefer scheduled appointments. I have a online booking system on my website that can be accessed anytime.


Candace: Are you home based or salon based?

Rochelle: Salon based. I have a private salon studio.


Candace: What would you say is your most popular service?

Rochelle: Definitely the Versatile Sewn In Weave. My clients also love my new virgin hair extension line, ExtressHair.


Candace: Great! Why did you chose to become a Hair Extension Specialist?

Rochelle: I loved the way weaves provide style to my life. I wanted to share that with the public. Also the instant transformation weaves provide is always exciting. I wanted to share that feeling with my clients.


Candace: What quality do you possess that others may not? In other words, what makes Weave Chic' so different?

Rochelle: Wow! Great question! I take pride in providing one-on-one attention to all my clients. Not a rushed assembly line experience that some salons may have. I take the time to install, cut, and style to perfection.


Candace: What message would you give to those interested in becoming Hair Extension Specialists?

Rochelle: Another great question! Write down your career goals and review them everyday. Seek education beyond beauty school. Strive for perfection always. Know your worth. Keep your faith strong in your business and personal life.


*excerpt shared from recently interview and published with permission from author. weavechic@gmail.com